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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Do you offer a FREE trial?

We don't offer Free trials but we would love you to bring your little dancer to experience a no obligation trial at our studio.   It’s a great way to make sure the class is a good fit before committing to the enrolment process.  If you decide to enrol your child - the class will be charged at the normal class rate.

What do I need to bring to my Trial Class?

We don't expect you to have the uniform or shoes for your first class, just have your child wear something comfortable they can move around in and some socks & sneakers/boots . Make sure your child's hair is off the face and don't forget a drink bottle.

My preschooler cried or didn't participate in their trial class. Are they not ready?

Starting a new class can be incredibly overwhelming. A new space, new teachers , new students can be scary for some. It can take preschoolers up to 5 weeks to get comfortable in a class. Just know if your child doesn't jump in 
straight away - its very normal .. did you expect them to learn how to walk 
on their first day? lt can take time and is completely normal.

What happens if my child wants to stop mid way through the term?

We encourage all our dancers to finish the full term and complete the year. Not only does it teach your child commitment and team work, but also working hard to achieve that impossible goal or outcome. It is not uncommon for children to want to stop an activity if they are finding it challenging, and learning new dance steps can be tricky at times. We always recommend talking to your child's teacher first. There are no refunds on tuition, costume hire/purchase, production levy.

Can I stay and watch the class each week?

Our programs are designed to be taught without parents watching or in the room each week. 

In our experience preschoolers and students are able to concentrate better without the distraction of other noise in the room from parents and other siblings. Our program has been endorsed by leading child care experts who support the independent learning model. As 

children participate in classes they have the opportunity to develop additional secure attachments with adults (teachers) and peers. This helps them transition positively into the larger world and helps with school readiness. 

Having said that, a lot of preschool children are timid at first and need to know that a parent is close by. Our program allows parents to watch the first class if necessary to help them adjust.

If you would like to participate with your toddler - Ready Set Move With Me is the perfect class for you!

Do you do an end of year concert?

Our Studio is a Performance based studio where we work towards our fabulous Showcase Concert each year. All Students are encouraged to participate as it encourages commitment, working hard towards something and the confidence to perform in front of an audience which is a HUGE milestone for children!

Do I need to purchase uniform or dance shoes?

Students must wear the READY SET DANCE uniform and DANCE NETWORK uniform. 
Our students learn best when they're dressed safely and appropriately. Our students love their special dance uniform and enjoy feeling part of our community.
View the uniform requirements in the Information Pack. Contact us today to get a copy!

Have a question that wasn’t covered? Give us a call on 0421 068 384

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